478 Bibb Fund Offering $1000 Grants To Innovators In Macon

Motivated by a strong desire to spur innovation and entrepreneurship in the Central Georgia region, Macon entrepreneur Stewart Vernon and a group of other local entrepreneurs and business leaders in Bibb County have established the 478 Bibb Fund as a micro-grant organization to fund great ideas with $1,000 at a time.

The 478 Bibb Fund is open to all individuals and organizations in the Central Georgia region. There are no other prerequisites to apply. Any idea, from innovative businesses, community projects and city development plans, can be submitted. The 478 Bibb Fund takes no equity, does not expect repayment, a stake in the idea or any other compensation post-award. According to its site, the leaders who established the grants simply “want to help great ideas become reality.”

To submit an idea, visit 478bibbfund.com/apply.

The College Hill Alliance is promoting the 478 Bibb Fund as part of its partnership with JumpStart America to launch a regional plan for fostering entrepreneurs. This new effort is currently working with an advisory committee of business and academic leaders (among them, Vernon) from all over the Central Georgia region to launch pilot programs this summer.