College Hill Opportunity

Although the Commission grew out of ideas from Mercer students, it has always been an effort to improve the Macon community as a whole.  In addition to providing an attractive and safe pathway for traveling by bike and foot, the Commission’s economic development efforts also seek to:

  • Improve the City of Macon’s finances: By reinvesting in historic neighbrohoods, we can grow and stabilize the tax base.  Greenfield developments including suburbs require huge subsidies to build and sustain.  Conversely, historic neighborhoods like those in College Hill contribute $19 in tax revenues to city, county and schools for every $1 consumed. (David Feehan, CQ Researcher)
  • Improve our Communities: Locally owned businesses and restaurants like those on the Corridor contribute more to the local economy than chains or franchises, often three times over. $.62 on the dollar stays in the city with locally owned restaurants versus $.20 for franchises. (Ashville, NC Chamber of Commerce)
  • Enhance Quality of Life:  Neighborhoods with sidewalks and attractive lighting connect College Hill to downtown and the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail, promoting walking, biking, conversations and connections.
  • Sustain the Environment: Older homes cost less to maintain than new houses and rehabilitation is much easier on the environment than new build (English Heritage). The mixed use nature of intown and downtown living means fewer vehicle trips and shorter distances traveled.
  • Improve the Economy: Rehabilitating old neighborhoods generates more money and more jobs for the local economy than new build solutions.  For every $1million spent in rehab, $120,000 more stays in communities than new build or greenfield development (Don Rypkema, Place Economics).
  • Create Responsible Citizens: Not only do people like the beauty of old homes, new studies suggest that people living Intown and downtown are more likely to volunteer their time and services than people living in further outside the city (Associated Press 2007).
  • Create a Good Place: College Hill has a unique historic character that emphasizes connections to each other, to the greater community and creates a tangible sense of place.
  • Preserve our Heritage: Macon has more buildings on the National Register of Historic Places than Savannah, Atlanta or Charleston.  The quality of buildings in neighborhoods connected to the Corridor is well worth preservation.