Open a Business in the Corridor

Opening a business in the Corridor could be the perfect way to realize your dream of working for yourself, living close to your business and being engaged with a dynamic and diverse urban market.  Here are some steps and resources to get started:

I. Contact Us – We’re here to help in any way we can.

II. Develop a Business Plan- SCORE offers free online and in person business development assistance.  Working one on one with an experienced counselor, you can develop your ideas into a professional business plan.   The College Hill Corridor Commission can help make you an appointment with a counselor in Macon.

III. Secure Financing- The College Hill Corridor Commission can help with a range of incentives and financing packages.  You may also want to pursue traditional business financing through local banks using your business plan.  We will be happy to help you present yourself and your business to local financiers.

IV. Find a Location- Commercial realty works very differently from residential realty.  We can help you navigate this process to find a space that fits your needs.  From the beginning, it is also important to consult Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning to ensure that your plans fit within the guidelines for your proposed location.

V. Acquire Business Licenses and Permits- Visit the City of Macon’s website here to learn what licenses and permits you will need and how to apply for these documents.

VI. Secure Planning and Zoning Approval- Beginning with consultation, Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission can help you work through local processes with ease.

VII. Apply for State and Federal Employer IDs

VIII. Plan for Marketing and Finances- The Corridor has some great opportunities for marketing- such as golf cart deliveries to Mercer’s campus and the neighborhoods- but planning is critical to success.  Make sure you have a well-developed plan for how you will market and set financial targets for success.

IX. Acquire Necessary Insurance- Work with a professional broker to meet your business insurance needs.