The Basics: Clean, Safe and Branded

Chair: Carl Lewis
Goals: Ensure that College Hill is clean and safe and perceived that way by local residents, downtown workers and visitors alike. While many are proud of College Hill’s uniqueness and believe that stated concerns about crime and trash are just perceptions, perception is reality particularly to those less familiar with the area like office workers, college parents and tourists. The physical environment should exemplify the best image with clean and safe streets and a recognizable brand that capitalizes on the history, vibe and diversity of the College Hill Corridor.

The Vibe: College Town Cool

Chair: Creighton Rosental
Goals: Make College Hill the center of creative expression in the region. Infuse the streets and buildings with the arts and temporary events designed to promote downtown, Mercer and InTown as mixed-use, diverse and urban. But creating a college town feel is not just about the arts and events but also about creating a stronger connection between Mercer’s facilities and residents.

The Connection: Cooling the Streets

Chair: Bill Causey
Goals: Create a transportation system that is safe and efficient for pedestrians and bicyclists. This includes slowing the traffic down and restoring priority and space on the roads to users other than cars. Instill a street-level vibrancy that is not present today. Reduce the traffic congestion and emissions on the study area roadways. Improve the safety for vehicles.

The Environment: A City in a Park

Chair: Heather Bowman Cutway
Goals: Re-plant, re-seed and flourish. Macon was designed as a “City within a Park.” Street trees and parks were early additions to the College Hill Corridor and exemplified Macon’s commitment to the environment. The analysis indicated, however, that over time the lush landscape that once defined the area has been lost. This is not to say that remnants of this park-like feel do not exist. Washington Park, Rose Hill Cemetery and Coleman Park are inspirations locally and nationally. But much can and should be done to strategically improve and connect open spaces to support the pioneering investments made by residents who have lovingly restored their homes.

The Look: Macon’s Urban and Historic Center.

Chair: Maryel Battin
Goals: Fill the gaps in the urban fabric and infuse the corridor with a greater range of uses and activity while protecting the character of historic and established neighborhoods. Encompassing Mercer University, the Medical Center and downtown, College Hill is already the nexus of Macon’s major urban amenities and institutions. Or more succinctly, in the words of local residents, “the historic area makes the identity of Macon,” while at the same time “what makes you unique is what you find downtown.”

For more information on volunteering with these committees, please contact the College Hill Alliance office: 478.314.2855.